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Revolutionizing the cybersecurity arena by providing an open, intelligent and incentivized website protection as well as the decentralization of all generated threat information to the blockchain. Websites protected by the decentralized ecosystem contribute to its growth and are compensated with cryptocurrency tokens known as SHKG.

SharkGate Plugin

Provides unrivaled hacker protection to a website plus runs a 24/7 malware scanner. Powered by the blockchain using the collective intelligence of the SharkGate AI (“Deep Sea”) and the SharkGate Website Threat Defence Database (“WTDD”)

SharkGate’s AI (“Deep Sea”)

Coordinates the memory of each attack encountered on any site worldwide and thus enables any site on the distributed network to mount a strong response if the attack is attempted again. Also creates ‘adaptive’ rules that evolve during the lifetime of the blockchain as an adaptation to a threat and prepares the protection for future similar, but yet unseen, attacks.

Website Threat Defence Database (“WTDD”)

An open, decentralized cybersecurity threat intelligence store powered by the blockchain. Growing more intelligent with every site that joins the network and as more existing threat data feeds and data providers join the ecosystem. We expect the WTDD to eventually become the World’s largest repository of threat intelligence for website cybersecurity.

Why utilise the BlockChain ?

At SharkGate we been cleaning websites from malware, with our OneHourSiteFix service, and have been protecting thousands of sites worldwide for nearly 5 years. This experience puts us in an ideal situation to stand back and asses the cybersecurity arena.

Security vendors are hoarding the threat data they receive from protecting websites, website owners receive no incentives to aid the whole and in general all security firms are losing the battle against the hackers.

We are creating a new website protection that decentralizes all site generated attack information to the blockchain. Moving to the situation where an attack on one site in the network enables a global immunity to be immediately developed to protect all sites in the network from the similar attacks. So moving towards a solution of a network of protected websites who all share in the evolving of the firewall.

The key part is that using the blockchain allows us to move to a situation where website owners as well as benefiting from having an infection and hack free website, they will also be incentivized by a tokenomics model to contribute value in terms for witnessed attack data to the distributed network.

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There is no denying there is a desperate need for a new way to protect sites from hackers. Think about how Google transformed the search economy. Think how Uber and Airbnb transformed their sectors and brought untold easy to customers lives. SharkGate will do the same for website cybersecurity. Further information to help participants understand the existing crisis and our solution to the problem can be found in our whitepaper


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